We recommend all products be inspected every 3 months for cracked laminate, loose or missing screws or glides, broken casters and loose edge banding.

To prevent product from becoming unstable:

  • Tighten or replace loose or missing screws
  • Replace broken glides or casters

To avoid tears or lacerations:

  • Tighten or remove protruding screws
  • Repair or replace chipped or cracked laminate and edge banding

Note: Any merchandise showing signs of structural failure should be taken out of service until required adjustments are completed.

Laminate, PVC Edges, Metal & Plastic Finishes

To remove general soiling and water stains, wipe with a damp cloth. If needed, use a hard surface, non-abrasive, all-purpose cleaner.

Please contact Marco Group Inc. for additional information
(888) 627‐2601